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PLEASE PLEASE do another tour and come to Boston. Party rock anthem is the song me and my friends listen to in the car and shots is the song we get drunk to PLEASE IT WOULD COMPLETE MY LIFE

i like his song because a learn so much the dance

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Hi i have got something specific whit human soma soma body and head specific whit science i have got a lot of this more and more :)   one song similar me :) party rock :) robot :)

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the song "YES" has really helped me through the lowest of lows, the worst year ever. when I listen to your music it makes me smile. I have to listen to this song before sleep and when I wake up first thing. Because its all about the "YES"!!!

Siete Veramente unici ragazzi, continuate così! Non vedo l'ora di sentire altre vostre canzoni.

Un saluto da

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I vostri album erano davvero stupendi!!! Vi prego organizzate un concerto!!!